HEAVEN: Our Sweet Homeland

Bill, I thank you for publishing this book and making it available to me.  I’m only one-third of the way through because I must pause to ponder all of the enlightening information. Already this has put away some deep rooted fears.,  For those poor souls that have committed suicide, the ones that died unexpectedly and didn’t seem to be in a godly place. I’ve mourned deeply over these things. I’ve really only begun this book and it’s all I can think about.  God has blessed you and because of this, I am blessed. I think I’ve been looking for this book for a long time. Simply, thank you, with all of my heart. – Robyn V, South Dakota

Bill has written several books over the years. This new book is different. It an eye-opening account of Bill’s startling visit to heaven. Yep. I know… sounds “out there”, but if you know Bill, he’s not one to embellish or make things up. It is very matter-of-factual, just like Bill. I’ve just begun reading and it’s hard to put down. I pray that it will fill it’s readers with peace, joy, and hope, like it already has for me, just a few chapters in. – Pastor Shawn M. Shoup, South Dakota

I read your book this week. I highly recommend it. It was very helpful to me to be given a glimpse of the big picture, particularly with some things I’m struggling with right now. There is so much I could say as I read the book. It’s going to help me live much more kingdom-minded with thoughts about what ought to be as I live my life here and now. I just pray I keep sight of this revelation as I live my life. Oh man, such hope in there. – Tim H, address withheld

In my more than forty years in the publishing business, I can honestly say that I have never seen a book quite like yours. You have tackled a subject that leaves you open to ridicule. But your sincerity comes through in everything you write. And even critics will have to concede that you provide a glimpse of a restored earth that we all hope is accurate. Even with a limited mortal vocabulary, you offer us the prospect of unbridled joy in a never-ending heaven. – Name withheld, Indiana

Almost every page of your manuscript is wet with my tears. I have long held a view about the afterlife that is much like you observed and experienced, but no one was ever willing to listen to me tell them about it because it was so different than what most Christians believe about heaven. You’ve opened a door to the life-to-come that is so real and tangible, I almost feel like I’m there already. – G Mitchell, Texas

Bill, I’ve had your book’s initial manuscript for a number of months–carrying it around in my backpack, but never getting around to reading it. Now that I’ve finally started reading it, I can scarcely believe what I’m reading! After reading only a few pages, I began crying with joy and almost couldn’t stop. You’ll just never know the hope this gives me; I’ve lost a lot of hope along the way, but your book is unbelievably beginning to restore it… and more! – Joel G, Colorado

Bill’s account of his visit to heaven on the future restored earth has to be from God. I known Bill well enough to know the details about his visit are too fantastic, hopeful, and encouraging for him to have come up with them in his own imagination and thinking. – John M, South Dakota

HIM ‘n me

Bill, I greatly enjoyed reading Him ‘n me.  Honest, open, funny.  Real life.  That’s what makes a difference in life. – Dave J, Wyoming

Bill, your life story is one of the most captivating I’ve ever read.  It’s because you just open up yourself and simply share your entire life “warts and all.”  Keep being ordinary so our extra-ordinary God will continue to work through you. – John R, Australia

Bill knows people and places I know.  His autobiographical journey gives a picture of life with Jesus.  Ordinary people can do extraordinary things in the kingdom of heaven, representing Jesus in your personality and receiving life more abundantly. – Ron V, South Dakota

It’s hard to believe God has done so much through your simple, ordinary life, but I’m sure it’s because of your ordinariness.  Keep trusting God to perform miracles through you. – JoAnne T, Singapore                                     

Bill, what’s your secret?  You’re not a great evangelist or world-renowned Bible teacher, but I can’t imagine how many lives you’ve influenced for God just by remaining ordinary and available for God to use you. – Lyle S, United Kingdom

If you would like to have a warm drink and read something that’s like sitting down with a trusted friend or relative, this book has some insights and nuggets from amazing life incidents that may help you in your own  journey.  Not to mention, you will not want to put it down, but will want to keep reading to see what’s around the corner. – John McD, South Dakota

If your life story does nothing else, it certainly leaves an example for your family, friends, and readers to trust and follow God throughout their lives as you have done. – Marilyn T, California                                                                                        

Your autobiography has convinced me that my life really is a journey orchestrated behind the scenes by God—rather than just a series of random, meaningless events.  You’ve renewed my belief that God really is an altogether good God! – David B, Hong Kong

You don’t have to be a popular, public figure to be used by God.  He uses us in miraculous ways just as we are, if we just open up and allow Him to be in charge of our lives. – Esther B, New York City

Your life story has reminded me that all over the world there are multitudes of ordinary people like you that God uses in miraculous ways to spread his Kingdom. Ragnar E, Norway

I can’t conceive how any normal person can write their own life story as you have done.  Someone once told me long ago that everyone has a story to tell; I didn’t believe her then, but now I know I have a story that needs written.  You have inspired me to begin my story, if only a word or sentence at a time. – Brennan M, Ireland

Friends Forever

You’ve convinced me that the Holy Spirit really is a Person who lives inside people—including me!  From this moment on, I intend to cultivate my friendship with the Holy Spirit in a new way. – Madeline G, Hawaii 

I’ve long regarded God the Father and Jesus as friends, but I’ve mistakenly felt the Holy Spirit was just a force or the power of God.  To think of Him as a Person who wants to be my friend is new to me, but I’m going to check Him out.  – Luis F, Puerto Rico

Having read your book completely through a couple of times, I’m going to approach our church leaders about using Friends Forever as a textbook for our adults and young people to study. – Mikhail E, Belarus

At first I felt you were making light of the Holy Spirit as just an ordinary friend.  But as I read further I began to understand He is closer and more dear than any human friend.  And He puts up with my sin and shortcomings, choosing to live inside me as a Friend in spite of my human-ness. – Emily R, South Dakota

You’ve made the Holy Spirit more real to me than I ever would have believed He could be! – Trevor B, Toronto

Somehow Friends Forever has helped me understand the trinity more clearly than I thought possible.  The Holy Spirit is God and He lives inside of me.  How amazing is that! – Lila K, Oregon

I don’t know whether or not you intended for this to happen, but Friends Forever has caused the Bible to come alive for me in a new way; I can’t get enough of it. – Dave R, Tennessee

Do you have any plans to translate Friends Forever into other languages?  I would like to use it as a textbook for an adult class, but most of my prospective students do not speak English. – Jorge G, Dominican Republic

From reading your book I have established a renewed friendship with the Holy Spirit and I can scarcely believe how loving and kind He is to me.  That He actually speaks with me is beyond wonderful! – Betty M, Massachusetts

I recently heard the expression that “the Holy Spirit is the forgotten third person of the trinity.”  Before reading your book, that was certainly true in my life.  But now the Holy Spirit is the most important Person in my life, quickly becoming my best Friend! – LaDonna H, South Dakota

Bill, I admire the way you write with simplicity, clarity, and precision, making deep spiritual matters very understandable.  You’ve made the Holy Spirit come alive in my life after I’ve neglected Him for many years as being too holy, deep and complex to understand. – Marvin H, Connecticut 

LIFE giving 

Before reading your book, my family usually gave money to God from a sense of duty—as something we owed God and something He demanded of us.  Now we’re finding much joy in giving. – Zhiwei C, California

My family has always been givers to God, but our giving has usually been on impulse or in response to appeals.  The “Giving Project” you recommend in your book has really helped us begin to give more systematically and in a more focused manner. – Glen S, Nebraska

Following the clear principles taught throughout LIFE giving has helped us immensely to get better control of our giving, not as a “debt we owe,” but as a “seed we sow.” Richard R, Texas

Wow!  God has used your book to totally transform our giving.  We now give with joy as directed by God the Holy Spirit.  Hiroko J, Japan

Until we read your book we usually gave money reluctantly from a misguided sense of obligation.  Now we ask God and if He says “Yes” we obey Him.  Simple.  Fun. – Marvin B, Pennsylvania

Before reading LIFE giving my wife and I usually argued about our giving to God, and as a result of the tension between us we were just about ready to quit giving altogether.  However, while reading your book we reluctantly agreed on a “Giving Project,” and that seemed to open up both of us to agreeing more and more about what to give and where to give.  Thank you! – Michelle L, Mississippi

 I meet once a week with 6 – 8 other women.  Just for fun, we started a “Giving Project” as we read your book together—kind of like a book club.  Then, each of us shared the idea with our families, some friends, and the leadership of our separate churches.   As far as I know, right now about a dozen “Giving Projects” are occurring around our small town. Simone L, North Carolina

I’m a new Christian.  I’m glad I read your book early in my new life with God; it has helped me get started giving to God in a systematic and fun way. – Adam S, Guam

My wife and I have never given any money to anyone.  A friend gave us your book.  We read it, thinking to refute it and pick it apart.  Instead, we began giving money to God for the first time in our lives.  It’s actually fun! – Robert S, Oklahoma

I was very confused about giving money to God.  Then I read your book.  I slowly began giving, using the simple principles in your book.  The confusion is gone.  I’m now an intelligent, focused giver, receiving God’s “harvest” and “return” on my “investments” into his Kingdom. Simon C, Illinois

Network Marketing for Christians

Bill, I always have believed that all network marketing businesses were just dishonest ways of making money illegally. After reading your book, I’m going to look into some of the companies doing business in the Chicago area to see if it might be a way to supplement my income. – John R, Chicago, Illinois

I appreciate that you didn’t name names or companies in your book–that it’s a general book with ideas, programs, and plans to become successful and prosperous in the business as long as I would become an associate of a legitimate company. – Alisa S, Atlanta, Georgia

I deeply appreciate how you defined biblical success and prosperity as contrasted with the world’s views of success and prosperity. What a difference! – Mary B, Seattle, Washington

Bill, I appreciate that you have included biblical references in your book to support the claims you make about success, prosperity, wealth, poverty, etc. – Jack M, San Diego, California

I wish you would have named the network marketing business you’re associated with, but I understand your not wanting to name that company; naming it might have been misconstrued as a means of recruiting associates; it shows me you’re a person of integrity. – Sheila S, Waco, Texas

The five simple business principles you outlined in Chapter 11 were very helpful to me–especially about writing a business plan and setting goals. Thank you for making them so simple. – Mustapha A, Orlando, Florida

Such a brief, simple little book, but so profound. I have an MBA; this book should have been one of my textbooks! – Mike B, Boston, Massachusetts