Purpose of book:

This book is a remarkable true account of one man’s startling visit to heaven on March 6, 2018. It is an astonishing record of what the kingdom of heaven on the freshly renewed and restored earth is really like, and it’s different from anything you’ve ever imagined!  

Heaven is not a boring, eternal church service in a fairy tale location somewhere above the clouds. It is a real, tangible place God has prepared for YOU—a kingdom of joy, worthwhile, meaningful, and purposeful activities, peace, lasting relationships, contentment, and hope.  

This book was written to give YOU hope—genuine hope. And for multitudes of people who have somehow lost hope and those who feel no hope whatsoever. People need hope, not merely to survive in life, but to thrive beyond simply existing day by day.  

The writer prays that people reading this account of his visit to heaven will find a rock-solid sense of purpose, meaning, and hope to which they can anchor their lives.

Excerpt from book:

“God the Son, Jesus, is everywhere at once, saturating everything, but completely present with each individual as He sovereignly reigns with love and grace over his vast, unbounded creation. In heaven, there is always an overwhelming feeling of love, joy, peace, and triumph over death and hell because of Jesus’ completed, redeeming, substitutionary work on behalf of all humanity.  

In those heavenly realms, everyone seems to instantly “know” everyone else even when they meet for the first time. But the person who is best known (and who knows everyone the best) is Jesus.  

And He is always recognized by the highly visible scars of the nails in his wrists and ankles and by the deep spear wound which pierced his side during his crucifixion. Even when He wears long-sleeved shirts and ankle-length trousers (or full robes), somehow those pronounced scars still show through his clothing. They are not understood to be excruciating execution wounds so much as they are understood to be the triumphant means by which He secured salvation and entrance into heaven for all humanity.  

Sometimes, Jesus wears regular, casual clothing. At other times He wears a glistening, radiant, prismatic, white, calf-length robe with a belt of golden fabric. Jesus does not wear his hair long as many artists throughout history have depicted Him.  

At times, He appears as an “ordinary,” heavenly person, and at other times He shines brighter than the midday sun; it is not a blinding brightness; it bathes people in God’s love, and warms, soothes, heals, and conveys deep contentment to those in his immediate presence.  

Much of the time I observed Jesus “hanging out” at parties, celebrations, weddings, cookouts, reunions, and the like—laughing, jesting, singing, quipping, joking, and enjoying the company and fellowship of all his redeemed and restored, human “brothers” and “sisters,” as well as his beloved animal friends and companions.  

He loves to cook and serve at events where there is food, sometimes miraculously “multiplying” his special dishes when necessary for quickly gathering crowds; no one needs an invitation when Jesus is the host and chef. All are welcome. No one is ever turned away.  

He also enjoys playing all manner of sports at various picnics, outings, and events: running, jumping, chasing, participating in races, and similar events.  

He especially cherishes children, and pays them patient, close, and loving attention, while laughing, telling them stories He acts out in a lively manner, answering their questions, and enjoying animated sing-a-longs. Most often, when I saw Him during my visit, He was surrounded by children of all ages, all clamoring for his attention.  

He wrestles with them, tickles the smaller ones, and plays all manner of childhood games with them; I saw Him on merry-go-rounds with children and sliding down playground slides with a child on his lap. He seems to greatly enjoy zooming down water slides and snow-sledding with children surrounding Him. 

All children know they can trust Jesus—that He will never hurt them, never betray them, never turn his back on them or abandon them, never be anything but fully loving and kind. They know He is their best friend.”

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