Purpose of Book:

This book is about giving some of God’s money back to Him. That’s it. That’s all this book is about. If you’re not interested in giving money to God or even learning about it, reading this book would be a waste of your time.

Honestly, the book is all about giving money to God, including why, when, and how much. It is actually designed to be used as a workbook, including an exciting “Giving Project.” It will help you plan regular and consistent giving to God, so He can ensure you always have enough money to meet your needs and, sometimes, your wants.

If you want to be successful and prosperous according to God’s definition of “success” and “prosperity,” then this book will give you clear directions for your remaining journey through this life. 

Excerpt from the book:

“If we maintain a wholesome and positive attitude toward our losses, praying about them, and trusting God to restore them to us, I believe that causes us to be “eligible” for miracles in restoring the losses.

Furthermore, I believe miracles are coming toward us all the time. Many times we don’t “receive” them because we are not looking “up” for them. Instead, we are looking “down,” focusing upon our losses—and the miracles whiz right on by us unnoticed. 

Our God is a God of miracles. Miracles are coming our way all the time. Are we missing them because we are downcast, bemoaning our losses, focusing on stupid things we might have done to cause the losses? If that’s what we’re doing, just the very miracle we need might slip right on by us because we’re not looking for it and open to receive it when it comes to us.

I share those thoughts about miracles guardedly because miracles by their very nature are not programmable and predictable. Nor are they just whirling around somewhere out in space with a few of them reaching our planet from time to time.”

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