Purpose of Book:

This book is a brief account about the life journey of a very, very ordinary man from conception to —? Yes, the author is very ordinary, but he loves and serves the extra-ordinary God, who has taken the author on journeys throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world to share with other people the Great News and good things about what God has done for all humanity through his Son, Jesus. Bill Boylan believes that God is altogether good and absolutely everything He does is good—that God is constantly behind the scenes working out—often inexplicably—everything for the good of all humanity. 

Although this book is about the author’s sometimes miraculous journey through life, it is really all about how God has worked in and through his life in extra-ordinary ways to draw people to Himself. Bill hopes that, in some manner, God will use this book to draw YOU closer to Himself. If that happens, this book has been well worth writing. 

Excerpt from the book:

“First, I remember much of what we ate while there. [on a mission to Peru]. Our staple items were rice and soy beans—as well as bananas; I never knew how many different ways bananas could be eaten or prepared: raw, steamed, boiled, broiled, fried, deep-fat fried, and, seemingly, a hundred other ways. 

Our rice and beans were stored in big “gunny sacks” and were full of maggots and tiny pieces of rocks and “grit.” After a while, we got used to just eating the maggots and grit, right in with the boiled or steamed rice and beans! I guess the maggots gave us added protein in our diet.

Let me tell you why I don’t eat much chocolate any more. On the farm we raised cacao trees. When the cacao pods were ripe, we plucked them and then placed them on huge concrete pads to dry. I noticed hundreds of thousands of cockroaches among the cacao pods on the drying pads. Next, the pods were opened in order to retrieve the beans. Then when the beans were dry, we shoveled them into large gunny sacks—right along with the cockroaches!

Then the gunny sacks, with the cacao beans and cockroaches in them, were loaded on trucks to be transported to the processing plants. One day I rode along to a processing plant. When we unloaded the gunny sacks full of beans and cockroaches into big hoppers for processing, I assumed that in some way the cockroaches would be separated from the beans; they never were!

To the best of my knowledge, as the beans were being put through the processing stages to become raw chocolate and then shipped around the world, the “processed” cockroaches went right into the processed chocolate. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy your chocolate candies and beverages after this disclosure of the “evils” of the worldwide chocolate industry.

One day while another “end time farmer” and I were out clearing brush with our machetes, the other man (who was about four feet away from me) shouted “Snake!” I glanced down and there was a huge Bushmaster headed straight for me, about 18 inches from me. Fortunately, my machete was on the downstroke or it would have struck me; instead, on the downstroke I severed its head. 

The Bushmaster snake is one of the few species of snakes which will actually attack humans, with its venom from one strike being enough to kill 100 humans! I was so terrified—and angry—that the snake had dared to attack me, that we took it back to the farm’s kitchen, butchered it and had it in a tasty stew for our evening meal that day! That’ll teach it to have the audacity to attack me!”

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