Purpose of Book:

This book is about the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, one of the Persons of the Tri-une God. It is not a deep theological study about the Holy Spirit, known as pneumatology. It’s simply a book attempting to describe what my very best Friend, the Holy Spirit is like: his nature, his character, his attributes, his personality. I’ve attempted to make this book as non-theological as possible and as personal as possible.

We will spend the remaining ages of time, and, later, eternity with the Holy Spirit, fully resident within us. Since He’s going to be that “close” to us for all time and eternity, we need to get to know Him as well as possible during our mortal journeys here during this life. 

Excerpt from the book:

“We will see the Holy Spirit is indeed God, but first, in this chapter, we will study some general concepts about God. Then we will study the Holy Spirit’s person, nature, character, and various names and titles (which disclose his nature and character).

Next, we will examine his work among humans long before Jesus of Nazareth came upon the scene. We will delve into His work in the life and ministry of Jesus, in the worldwide and timeless church through the passing centuries since the time of Jesus, and in you and me—now! We will come to see how absolutely essential the Holy Spirit is for our very existence, life, and work.

In the “now” of our lives we will see how He is present and active at our second birth—our spiritual birth into a new dimension of reality, into a new life. We will study how He alone can convict (convince) people of sin, of right living, and of judgment. We will examine how He is in the lifelong process of transforming and re-creating us into an entirely new race of holy (wholly complete) beings patterned after Jesus of Nazareth.  (Romans 8: 29)

From the moment we were born as humans, even though we were created in the image of God, that image in us has been marred, darkened, and disfigured by sin. When we are born again, God the Holy Spirit begins the process of re-creating and restoring us into his image. What does it mean to be re-created and restored into the image of God? It means more and more we become clear, visible expressions of the invisible God. 

We will see how the Holy Spirit helps us clean up and transform our lives. We will study how He baptizes and fills us to overflowing. How He helps us lead clean lives with clear vision and priority of purpose. We will explore how He guides us into the life-changing truth of the Bible. We will examine together how and why He grows life-giving fruit in our lives and lavishes us with supernatural gifts in order for us to be able to enrich, encourage, and help others along their pilgrim journey toward wholeness (holiness) and completeness.”

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