Heaven: Our Home Sweet Homeland

This book is a remarkable true account of one man’s startling visit to heaven on March 6, 2018.

Him ‘n me

This book is a brief account about the life journey of a very, very ordinary man from conception to —? Yes, the author is very ordinary, but he loves and serves the extra-ordinary God, who has taken the author on journeys throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world to share with other people the Great News and good things about what God has done for all humanity through his Son, Jesus. 

Friends Forever

This book is about the Holy Spirit — the Spirit of God — one of the Persons of the Tri-une God. It is not a deep theological study about the Holy Spirit, known as pneumatology. It’s simply a book attempting to describe what my very best Friend, the Holy Spirit is like: his nature, his character, his attributes, and his personality.

LIFE giving

This book is about giving some of God’s money back to Him. That’s it. That’s all this book is about. If you’re not interested in giving money to God or even learning about it, reading this book would be a waste of your time.

Network Marketing for Christians

You may be one of many Christians who are either interested in or involved in network marketing, who want to become truly successful and prosperous as the Bible–correctly understood–teaches. Authentic biblical success and prosperity is part of God’s plans and purposes for every believer in Jesus in our culture.